Accurate Personality Test

Accurate Personality Test 1.0

Accurate Personality Test works with your subconscious mind
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Accurate Personality Test as its name clearly indicates, is a personality test from which you can know your entire characteristics, objectives, sources of stress, and all sorts of data about yourself by doing a simple color selection. It works directly with your subconscious mind.

The program will show you different colors, indicating a different slogan for each case. Your job is simply to select one of them, according to how you're feeling at the moment.

Somehow the results of the test will shock you. In my case they describe exactly the way I felt at the moment of the test. The author mentions that it was developed and tested by a Doctor, unbelievable right?.... but checking the other software offered by the author you notice how serious they are; offering software that can help the people in some way.

Also at the author´s website you will find interesting articles, and other options of personality tests.

Accurate Personality Test is offered free of charge and is available for all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Jose Ruiloba
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